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We are so happy to be featured in Log Home Living Magazine with our unique Log Cabin built at this beautiful nature park.

Since 1985, this 40-acre, non-profit nature park nestled within the town of Oakland has charmed visitors attending wedding receptions, conferences, research expeditions and meditative retreats.

The unique log cabin Log Chips and Timberhaven designed is just over 1,000 square feet and is built with Timberhaven’s world-renowned Engineered Logs.  Incorporated into the property’s newest feature are: panoramic loft, 3 bunk beds, outdoor entertainment areas, BBQ pit and its own self-contained matching log outhouse where a moonlit stroll to the loo is redefined.  The wrap-around porch is complete with wrought iron balusters that provide contrast against their natural wooden surroundings.  While inside, the log cabin is adorned with furniture from Adirondack Rustic Designs that artfully mirrors the fond memories of Mr. Levine’s travels to the Lake Champlain Region.

To read a more extensive description of the project click here.

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